Diamonds 101: Shape Guide

When selecting a diamond, shape is one of the most important factors to consider.

Not to be confused with Cut, Shape refers to the contours and outlines of the stone. 

Diamond shape preference is purely personal. Educate yourself on diamonds' shape names:

  1. Marquise Diamond: Elongated stone with gracefully pointed ends
  2. Radiant Cut Diamond: Fairly new, sparkly and elegant
  3. Trilliant Cut Diamond: Triangular with straight or curved sides
  4. Baguette: Less expensive, often frame the center stone
  5. Oval Diamond: Brilliant and fiery, gives the illusion of a bigger stone
  6. Emerald Cut Diamond: Rectangular, with beveled corners
  7. Princess Cut Diamond: A square stone with 90-degree corners
  8. Round Cut Diamond: Most popular
  9. Asscher Diamond: Uniquely angled and cropped corners
  10. Round Brilliant Diamond: Boasts excellent light refraction properties
  11. Tapered Baguette: Beautifully showcases a larger center stone
  12. Heart Shaped Diamond: Symbolizes love and affection
  13. Pear Shaped Diamond: Elegantly resembles a drop of water

If you're in the market for an engagement ring diamond, stop in and ask all the questions you'd like! We'd love to help.