Engagement Rings 101

Now that you’ve found your mate for life, it’s time to choose an engagement ring that says ‘forever.’
— Andrew Eilberg, Jeweler

Some basic attributes that should be considered when choosing the right engagement ring:

  1. Diamond shape: The shape of the main diamond is very important. She probably already has strong feelings about this. Round? Oval? Square?  
  2. Ring style: This is also very personal. Is she glamorous? Modest? Romantic? Contemporary? There are ring styles to meet all style preferences.
  3. Diamond setting: Do you prefer the traditional prong setting or bezel set stones?
  4. Metal choice: The two most popular metals for engagement rings are platinum and 14K gold. Look to see what jewelry she typically wears for clues on what would suit her best.
  5. Diamond cut: The four C's are the standard in when choosing your individual stone. Your jeweler can demonstrate the color, cut, clarity and carat weight of various diamonds.

The trick to buying the stone that's right for you is to balance the size and the quality of the diamond, while keeping a budgetary guide in mind. Read more about shopping for engagement and wedding rings at Marlen Jewelers here →