How to Choose the Right Men's Wedding Band

Her engagement ring is purchased and wedding plans are getting wrapped up.

Now's the time to chose the ultimate symbol of commitment and eternity: the wedding band.

As the big day grows near, it's time to consider wedding bands, which can be simpler for her as it may be part of a set with her engagement ring, but what to choose for him?

Pick your metal 

  • Platinum is durable, rare and hypoallergenic
  • White gold is in the platinum family, but is less expensive
  • Yellow gold is a classic option
  • Palladium is in the platinum family but is less expensive than platinum and white gold

Decide on width

  • Try on many rings
  • Pick what feels good, balanced with your budget

Custom engraving

  • An easy way to personalize
  • Options are endless, can coordinate with hers
  • Is a reminder of your love story


  • Most critical, as you will have it on forever! 
  • Comfort matters; consider a comfort fit, where the band's edges are rounded 

Take your time when deciding which men's wedding band to purchase. Check out the collection from Triton here →

A men’s wedding band is a very personal choice, but fit and comfort are among the most important things to consider when selecting.
— Andrew Eilberg, Jeweler




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