Beware of Buying Diamonds Online

When it comes to buying diamonds online, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!

A diamond is a personal, precious and sentimental purchase.

Purchasing diamonds online can be risky. Some sources are unreliable and you won't get the service you deserve.

We see disappointed online buyers all the time. Rely on a trusted jeweler for your diamond purchase!
— Andrew Eilberg, Jeweler
  • Most Internet sites do not provide maintenance, experience or service that a jeweler offers. When you're buying a diamond, you want to feel educated and confident. At a reputable jeweler, you will learn about your diamond and also have a place to go for maintenance and questions. The relationship with your jeweler is important!
  • Online diamond dealers and sellers are not always truthful. Avoid the stress of getting a fake certificate or mis-graded diamond by working with a trusted retailer.
  • Nothing can replace the feeling of buying a diamond in person from a reliable, reputable and established jeweler.

A jeweler with an established reputation is the best place to buy your diamond, in person. Stop in and browse our collection of beautiful diamonds. We'd love to assist you with this important purchase!