The Four C's of Diamonds

Considering a diamond purchase now or in the future?

CUT determines the  sparkle facto  r  of a diamond

CUT determines the sparkle factor of a diamond

Get educated on the basics first.

Color: This alphabet grading refers to how white a diamond is, so in effect, the less color in a diamond the better. Color grading begins at D; the deeper into the alphabet, the more yellow the stone. 

Cut: The most important attribute of a diamond, a skillful cut can really reveal the spectacular brilliance of the stone. The cut determines the light performance, or 'sparkle factor' of a diamond. Cut is not the same as shape (oval, princess, marquis, etc.).

Clarity: Refers the the amount and depth of imperfections in a stone. Even high grade diamonds have blemishes or inclusions, as the are known. A scale ranging from flawless to imperfect is used to describe the clarity of a diamond. 

Carat: This measure of weight assigned to a diamond is not necessarily discernible unless viewing the diamond from all sides.

Our role is to help you determine what fits your taste, style and budget for a diamond purchase. The Four C's are a great place to start in figuring out what's most important to you.

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