Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback

What makes the Calibre 36 so special? It features one of the finest chronograph movements in the world – the famous El Primero from TAG Heuer’s LVMH stablemate Zenith.


The El Primero, meaning ‘the first’ in Esperanto, was launched in 1969 as a competitor to Heuer’s own Chronomatic movement. 

During this time, the El Primero movement was almost lost forever due to a directive from Zenith's Head Office to scrap all the machines and tools used for the production of automatic movements. As a result, renown Zenith watchmaker Charles Vermot began to hide the essential El Primero tools and components, including the cutting tools, presses and machines. 

Later, Zenith was able to re-start production of the El Primero Calibre and began supplying movements to high-end clients, most notably the Rolex Daytona, which is regarded as the "Holy Grail" of collectible watches. 

This superior El Primero movement would end up making a lasting impact on modern watchmaking.

Over 40 years on, El Primero is still the most precise series-made chronograph, the only one capable of measuring short times to the nearest tenth of a second. It is also one of the most titled, having been honored by numerous distinctions.

TAG Heuer’s Calibre 36 is based on the El Primero 400, but with more than 40 modifications to various parts including the plates and wheels.

The Calibre's signature flyback function makes starting, stopping and resetting the chronograph child’s play with a single touch of the flyback button. The watch comes with either a classic black strap or the modern Carrera "H" link bracelet.

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