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For 100 days, we will have a daily drawing giving away gifts from unique, local merchants (see the winners to date below!)

The grand prize, drawn on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2014), will be a one-of-a-kind Mark Schneider design, custom made to celebrate Marlen's 100 years in business. Stay tuned for details!

This our way of saying thank you to all the people who've made it possible for our jewelry store to be in business for one hundred years. 

Fill out the form below and if your name is drawn we will contact you via phone or email. Good luck!

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No purchase necessary. Winners must be able to stop in our store to redeem their prizes (19525 Detroit Road, Rocky River, OH 44116). By registering for this contest, you agree to having your name announced on Facebook in the event your name is drawn for a gift.
Thank you for participating and best of luck winning one of our 100 gifts from local merchants!

Grand Prize Drawing on Dec 31, 2014! A one-of-a-kind Mark Schneider Vision Ring featuring a 1.09ct tanzanite gemstone and .25ct diamonds inlaid in a 14k white gold band.

Winners will also be announced on our Facebook page so make sure to   like  our page!

Winners will also be announced on our Facebook page so make sure to like our page!


Celebrating 100 years with 100 thank-yous

Marlen Jewelers had its beginnings back in nineteen fourteen when Bernard Eilberg opened his first store. I was handed down a simple philosophy by my grandfather, who said “if you treat people with respect and offer good service at fair prices, they will be your customers for life.” That way-of-doing-business has stood the test of time.

Today the fourth generation of Eilbergs operates our fine-jewelry store by the same values established by my grandfather a century ago. Namely: to provide exceptional customer service and fair prices. To celebrate this centennial, Marlen is hosting “one hundred years,one hundred thank-yous." For one hundred days we'll be having a give away every day. Thank you for your loyalty and we wish you the best of luck.

– Frank Eilberg

100 Thank Yous Winners!

Sep 22 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Elizabeth Good    
Sep 23 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Becky Chaski    
Sep 24 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: John Bouhall    
Sep 25 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Lisa Dubois    
Sep 26 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Erin McDowell    
Sep 27 – Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Amy Schaedler
Sep 28 – #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Charles Ross    
Sep 29 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Kathy Bemer    
Sep 30 – Lunch on Joes Deli Winner: Jeff Close

Oct 1 – Pure Enchantment Gift Basket Winner: Allison Bates    
Oct 2 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner:  Jan Neumann    
Oct 3 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner:  Al Paskonis    
Oct 4 – Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Dana Neuman
Oct 5 – #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Robin Suttell    
Oct 6 – Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Diane Vanek 
Oct 7 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Gail Tanner    
Oct 8 – Once Upon a Time Gift Winner: Rob Tweddle
Oct 9 – $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner:  Jean Vasey 
Oct 10 – Dinner on The Market in Rocky River Winner: Dianne Kollias
Oct 11 – Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Jane Wessel
Oct 12 – #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Janet Kuss
Oct 13 – Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Brian Almond 
Oct 14 – Once Upon a Time Gift Winner: Bonnie Balkanyi
Oct 15 – Wine Tasting Class from Wine Bar Winner: Debra Puffenberger       
Oct 16 – Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Tracey Mancuso
Oct 17 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner:  Carol Ford
Oct 18 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Jennifer Erhardt
Oct 20 - Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Henry Chaski
Oct 21 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Gwyn Gawor
Oct 22 - Calligraphy Class from Lovely Winner: Diane Grigore
Oct 23 - Pure Enchantment Gift Basket Winner: Chris Alibeckoff
Oct 24 - Dinner on Press Wine Bar, Tremont Winner: Frank Ferro
Oct 25 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Denise Gardner
Oct 26 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Chris Gollinger
Oct 27 - Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Susan Gosline
Oct 28 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Nancy Williams
Oct 29 - Wine Tasting Class from Wine Bar Winner: Sue Pease
Oct 30 - Dinner on The Market in Rocky River Winner: Tish Marshall
Oct 31 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Scott Swisher


Grand Prize Drawing on December 31, 2014 – a custom made Mark Schneider Design ring featuring a 1.09ct tanzanite gemstone and .25ct diamonds nested in a 14k white gold setting.

Nov 1 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Nancy Snyder
Nov 2 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Barb Melia
Nov 3 - Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Chad Meeks
Nov 4 - Dinner on Press Wine Bar, Tremont Winner: Tony Lang
Nov 5 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Joan Tymkewicz Fanter
Nov 6 - Once Upon a Time Gift Winner: Diana Beno 
Nov 7 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: 
 Nancy Arndt
Nov 8 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Betty Freund
Nov 9 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner:  Pat Mulloy
Nov 10 - Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Ruth Nowicky
Nov 11 - Special John Hardy Bamboo Bangle Winner: Jan Piscitello
Nov 12 - Calligraphy Class from Lovely Winner:  Lisa Bagger
Nov 13 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Robert Abdow
Nov 14 - Wine Tasting Class from Wine Bar Winner: Brent Urankar
Nov 15 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Shatika Bentley
Nov 16 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Sheila Gallagher
Nov 17 - Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Morgan Rooks
Nov 18 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Patricia Garver
Nov 19 - Wine Tasting Class from Wine Bar Winner: Darlene Mulholland
Nov 20 - Once Upon a Time Gift Winner: Paula Kucinic    
Nov 21 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Ronald Bork
Nov 22 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Mary Ann Preisler
Nov 23 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Mike Erhardt
Nov 24 - Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Judy Appleton
Nov 25 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Stephanie White
Nov 26 - Dinner on The Market in Rocky River Winner: Rachel Pelaia
Nov 27 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Nancy McDonnell
Nov 28 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Kira Krivosh
Nov 29 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Mary Fancher
Nov 30 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Laura Kulnane

Dec 1 - Sword Furs Scarf Winner: Vanessa Packard
Dec 2 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Ted Grabowski
Dec 3 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Susan Folk
Dec 4 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Patrick Hoyle
Dec 5 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Melanie Close
Dec 6 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Mary Wiedt
Dec 7 - $250 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Heather Groudle
Dec 8 - Dinner on The Market in Rocky River Winner: Patrick Kane
Dec 9 - Wine Tasting Class from Wine Bar Winner: Sherry Buccieri
Dec 10 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Clayton Zell
Dec 11 - Sword Furs Scarf Winner: Kelly Sweeney
Dec 12 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Mike Erhardt
Dec 13 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Sarah Ziccardi
Dec 14 - Dinner on Press Wine Bar, Tremont Winner: Carolyn Modic
Dec 15 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Mark Goyetche
Dec 16 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Sara Naugle
Dec 17 - Wine Tasting Class from Wine Bar Winner: Denise Wheeler
Dec 18 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Leo Blatt
Dec 19 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Bianca Holtier
Dec 20 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Kristine Price
Dec 21 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Beth Chokan
Dec 22 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Rebekah Meliher
Dec 23 - Dinner on Press Wine Bar, Tremont Winner: Helen Moon
Dec 24 - $250 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Lisa Golkowski
Dec 25 - Special Gabriel New York Piece Winner: Doreen Taylor
Dec 26 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Sheila Russo
Dec 27 - Dante Lucci Manicure Winner: Tiffany Mauser
Dec 28 - #1 Express Carwash Gift Winner: Angela Bracken
Dec 29 - Lunch on Joe's Deli Winner: Patricia Miklowski
Dec 30 - $100 Marlen Gift Certificate Winner: Lee McLaughlin
Dec 31 - Grand Prize! Custom Mark Schneider Ring